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Water Spray Pump Misting Cooling System

Dhs. 440.76

S033 12V Water Spray Electric Diaphragm Pump Kit Portable Misting Automatic Water Pump 12M Misting Cooling System For Greenhouse



Packing list (White OR Black option to choose):

Diaphragm Pump:1piece
Power supply :  1 piece
Total misting line:12M misting system
White female connector: 2 pieces 
Mist nozzles: 16 pieces
End plug: 1 piece
Inlet filter head: 1pcs
40 Saddle clamps
40 cable ties
Seal tape: 1 Roll
(all other items in photos and video are for illustration only)
 water pump misting (2)
water pump misting (3)

Nozzle Orifice: Default 0.6mm, you can remark it in your order if you need other size(0.1mm-0.8mm nozzles orifice option)


Nozzle Material: Brass body with stainless steel orifice inside.


Nozzle Thread: 10/24UNC

Standard water tap adapter: Thread Size - 3/4"
Mist hose: Food grade material, 1/4" size;
Function:   Cooling, Humidification, dedusting and Garden Micro irrigation.
watering kits misting system (9)
Pump description:
Temperature------------------0-60 degree celsius
Multi-purpose-----------------Home use for garden sprinklers,shower,water taps in the boat,caravan or motor home
Agricultural purposes-------spray for farm chemical pesticid
corrosion resistant
Working pressure------------0.8Mpa
Flow rate------------------------5L/min
Rubber bracket can absorb vibration from the pump when working
Connector size: 1/4'' pipe
Caution:pump should be used in dry condition,cannot submerge into water 

water pump misting (16)water pump misting (1)water pump misting (9)

Inlet filter head:

MISTING system (9)


MISTING system (5)MISTING system (4)


MISTING system (6)


MISTING system (10)MISTING system (3)




120mm length Cable ties and 7mm Clamps:

MISTING system (7)MISTING system (8)

End plug:



Design Features

Water inlet port can absorb water by itself then spray mist from nozzles on water outlet,  which can be widely used in factory humidification, cooling, salt spray testing, artificial fog and other humidification sites.
Pump design
Instruction as below:
  • Installation Steps:

  • 1. Keep the 3M water inlet totally immersed into the tank.

  • 2. Connect hose and pump with 1/2'' white connectors, note the arrow direction of inlet and outlet on the pump.

  • 3. Connect the power supply to wash the system for 1 minute to purge the system and remove any impurities.

  • 4. Screw the misting nozzles to the Tee fittings, except the last one on the end plug.

  • 5. Turn on the power to wash the system for 2 minutes to insure that the system is fully purged.

  • 6. Turn off the power and install the last nozzle into the fitting with the end plug.

  • 7. Fix the misting line by the cable ties saddle clamps provided.

  • 8. Turn on power then jets will work, enjoy the cooling misting system.

  • 9. Turn off the nozzles, keep them dry and clean when you don't use the misting system for a long time.

self sucking filter

Application as below:
Landscaping, cooling, air humidification, spray disinfection, epidemic prevention, deodorizing air purification, etc
Note: Soaking the misting nozzle in cleaner periodically to remove mineral deposits, thus can prolong its lifetime.
mist effect (6)c


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