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Powerful Portable Dehumidifiers جهاز ملطف الجو و مزيل الرطوبة

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What can my GERWELL Dehumidifier do?
The dehumidifier can collect up to 300ml of water per day with a maximum tank capacity of 700ml. This product is suitable for small confined spaces such as wardrobe, cabinet, bookcase, clothes organizer, electrical products case, safe, RV, inside piano, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and so on. It is born to prevent goods to be damaged by damp, mold, mildew and excess moisture.
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This compact and portable mini dehumidifier manages to quickly and efficiently remove moisture from the air. This device is ideal for smaller rooms and caravans, in the closet or wherever it gets wet quickly. Please note: this dehumidifier reaches its optimum performance only at room temperatures of 15-35°C. At temperatures below 15 degrees, the device has a limited performance and at below 10°C it does not work.


Low noise and energy efficient

Thanks to the Peltier technology, the mini dehumidifier is very energy efficient. The device can be left without worry all night without it disturbing or consuming too much energy. Perfect for smaller rooms with too much moisture.


Large water tank and car shut-off

As soon as the 700 ml water tank is filled, the dehumidifier will switch off automatically. In addition, the small lamp next to the on / off switch signals when the tank is full. As the water tank is transparent, the water level is easy to read.


Easy to empty

dehumidifiers will shut off automatically when the tank is full of water, and the indicator will turn to ORANGE for notice, super safe to dehumidify the moisture when you are sleeping or you are out of the home.


Prevent condensation

If the windows are fogged from the inside, this is an important warning sign that the room has a problem with too high humidity. This excess moisture can cause damage to the interior walls of the living space. For example, discoloration, exfoliation or stains on the walls. Prevent and combat this excess moisture with a dehumidifier and keep your apartment or house from unpleasant and harmful mold.


Prevent breathing problems

Too much humidity in living rooms has a direct impact on many respiratory problems, especially in young children. A high level of humidity is an ideal breeding ground for dust mites, which nest in furniture, carpets and bed linen. Mites are more common cause of allergies and people with respiratory problems. Reducing moisture helps mitigate mites and bacteria in the air and helps improve the air quality for you and your family.


Mold Remediation

Mold is a common problem and is caused by inadequate ventilation, leakage of water and high humidity. Failure to do so may result in unpleasant and musty odors. Black mold is the most dangerous and can release harmful mold toxins into the air. Mold begins to grow at a moisture level above 50%. Therefore, it is important to control the humidity in rooms to prevent and control the growth of mold.



Portable design: ultra-mini body, it is easy to be moved from room to room.

Low power consumption: works at only 23 watts, energy efficient.

Ultra-quiet design: when it works, you can enjoy your sleeping or working without disturbing

Auto-off and LED indicator: when the tank is full, the yellow LED will on and the unit will auto-off. You don't need to worry about overflowing

Easily removable water tank: when the water tank is full, it's easy to pull it out and easy to clean,Automatically shutdown when full of water with 700ml large capacity, it's safe and reliable.



Help to prevent your goods to be damaged by damp, mildew and excess moisture.

Good water absorbing capacity.

700ml high volume water tank.

Product Specifications 
Model: PB04
Plug type: US, AU, UK, EU
Removes up to 300 milliliters of moisture a day
Large 700 ml water tank
Energy saving and low power consumption
Automatic switch-off function
Low-noise Peltier technology
Power cable length: 150 cm
Dimensions: 160 x 110 x 270 cm
23W | 100-240V | 50HZ / 60HZ Package Size: Approx. 35 * 11 * 17cm / 13.7 * 4.4 * 6.7in
Package Weight: Approx. 1500g 

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