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Dual Lens Dash Cam Car DVR Night Vision

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Car Dash Cam 2160P 4K Ultra HD with 1080P Rear Camera WiFi GPS Logger ADAS Dual Lens Dashcam Car DVR Night Vision +32G SD Card




-Chipset: NOVATEK NT96663 (Built in 2Gb DDRIII)
-Sensor: Front OV4689/SONY323+ Rear SONY323
-Lens: 170 degree A + HD ultra wide angle
-Display: 2.0" LCD
-Aperture: F1.8
-Power interface: 5V 1.5A
-Battery: Super capacitor
-Memory card: TF(Class 10 or above, Max support 128GB, not included)
-Video Resolution: 2880 x 2160 P24/1920 x 1080 P60/1920 x 1080 P30/1280 x 720 P120 / 1280 x 720 P60/1280 x 720 P30/FHD P30 + FHD P30
-PIP Style: Only Front(Full) / Front(Top, Big) , Back(Small) / Front(Top, Small) , Back(Big) / Only Back(Full)
-APP: RoadCam (APP, IOS, Android)
-Auto turn on/off while: Support turn on while vehicle starts
-vehicle power on/off: turn off while vehicle shutdowns
- Support:  Wifi/Motion Detection/Parking Mode/G-sensor
-Wifi: Build-in
-GPS: Build-in
-GPS Player: By incorporating GPS into the car DVR, it enables the unit to measure your precise location and speed of travel. Install our car DV player software, enjoy marking your route at Google map.
To check your GPS information, install our customized CAR DV PLAYER on your computer, then choose the appropriate file from the memory card. The PLAYER software will be sent by email after you receive your device. Please notice your mailbox.
OPeration System Language:  English, Russian, Spanish, Deutsch, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese
>>4K 2880 X 2160P
Ultra 2880*2160P HD Resolution: 
Distinguish from other 1080p dash cam, our car DVR provides a video resolution high up to 2880X2160p at 24fps and 1920X1080p at 30fps in video resolution. And it has FHD P30 + FHD P30 and PIP Style. Cooperate with a 170 degree wide angel and F1.8 large aperture, ensure less blind spots, achieve the best image quality, night time performance and CRYSTAL-CLEAR RECORDINGS. Enjoy your journey with much more safety.
>>170 degree super wide angle lens
our 170 degree lens is make up of 6 piece of glass,
supports a wide angle than  the common 140 degree lens, and it has a wider range of vision
Remote control the dashcam and playback the video on phone
>>GPS Tracker
GPS function is to record the driving route location. we can see the speed and driving route on Google maps.
>>2.0 inch LCD screen
2.0 inch display screen, play back on the real scene of the accident, no need to convert to computer to watch.
>>Super Night version
without the need for IR LED
 Built -axis acceleration sensor, in view of a recording and storing wave target. When sudden event such as a car collision or a sudden turn, can automatically record and store images, in order to provide evidence of the accident. The recorded videos are saved and locked, which never be covered by cycle video.
>> Loop Recording
When the storage space is full. it can automatically cover the earlies segment.
>>24H Parking Mode
when the car engine is off (camera get power from car battery), the camera will be in a dormant state. Now if the car is knocked,the camera will turn on and start to record automatically,after 1 minute the camera will turn off and dormant again.
>>Montion detection
with motion detection is enabled, when the vehicle recorder detects the movement of the object, the camera starts recording, and the camera automatically enters the motion detection standby state after the motion detection is finished. When the object is detected again, the camera function is started again.
>>Worried that the temperature inside the car is too high?
Super capacitors have a long life and no longer have to worry about batteries exploding because of too high temperatures, We designed a bracket attached to the windshield,It is a venting hole design that can cool down quickly.
ADAS Plus Make Driving Safer  
Advanced Driving Alarm Systems (LDWS/ FCWS) , it is useful alarm systems to keep your driving safer.
>> Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) 
Drowsy or distracted driving greatly increases the chance of an accident on the road.  The LDWS will alert the driver when the vehicle goes off lane in a speed over 50 km/h.
>> Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) 
Accidents can be avoided by maintaining a safe following distance. Road Safety Warning System calculates the real-time distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you, while driving above 30 km/h in expressways or under 30 km/h in a busy city, and issues a 3-level early warning to the driver depending on the danger of collision.
Warm tip: when use adas, please change the resolutions to 1080p/30fps;



Instant video access with built-in wifi — Download “Roadcam” APP from either Apple App Store or Google Play Store for FREE to view or share your videos instantly  via WiFi on your smart phone.  No need the hassle of old school - remove memory card, then plug in to computer, then download videos, then need video player etc.  You can still do this if you prefer, but the ROVE APP & WiFi makes it convenient.


GPS Tracker

GPS function is to record the driving route location. we can see the speed and driving route on the computer by provided player05


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